Coaching Sessions for MBEID 101 & 102

******** I currently do not have availability for coaching sessions. Please contact me at to inquire about future availability. Thank You. *********

After your purchase you will receive an email with information on how to schedule your session(s) and to indicate your choice of topic. When you buy a series of sessions you can choose a different topic for each.

Possible topics are:

  • Clarifying an Emotional Intelligence topic
  • Creating a Training Habit
  • Overcoming Obstacles to Developing a Regular Practice
  • Personal Introduction to an EI practice
  • Applying EI to a specific challenge in your life
  • Ongoing support for EI training after a course

Of course, other topics are possible. Please inquire.

MBEID A01 One 30-minute Coaching Session
Out of stock
MBEID A02: Two 30-minute Coaching Sessions
Out of stock
MBEID A04: One 60-minute Coaching Sessions
Out of stock
MBEID A05: Two 60-minute Coaching Sessions
Out of stock